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The webservice is a SaaS add-on to the dk System that supplies an interface others can use to extend the functionality of the system

Prices are for communication with Company but discount do apply for multiple companies


Modules and Pricing

The prices for the service depend on two factors

  • Number of modules needed
  • Is the communication system <-> system  or User ↔ System

By default the service is licensed for three modules
Most common are Inventory,Customers and Invoices 

System to System

Examples of this are webshops

User to System

Mobile devices for example Order and Invoicing where an employee uses the system directly
Number of Master Token 

Addtional module features

  • ItemCategories
    Additional information for TItem to include Group and subgroup( This feature is licensed by DK not the webservice )


The following are some examples that have been implemented

  1. eCommerce integration
  2. Hotel Booking System integration
  3. Member system integration
  4. Mobile Invoice Systems
  5. Mobile Order System
  6. Project System
  7. Vendor Invoice Approval