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There are many ways to connect using PHP, but the most common way is to use SoapClient, many online resources are available!
You can use to generate a class library from the WSDL or use a simpler approach as shown in the following code example.

PHP Developers

Sample is not created by a PHP Professional, but should give developer a good starting point.

Example using SoapClient

You can define associative array to represent the classes in the WSDL

Store WSDL
PS H:\> (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "").Content | Se
t-Content C:\temp\wsdl.txt

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>DK Superthin client software!</h1>     
<h2>Hello php</h2> 
 echo "Before";         
$client = new SoapClient('C:\temp\wsdl.txt' ,array("soap_version" => SOAP_1_2, "trace" => 1, "cache_wsdl" => WSDL_CACHE_NONE));     
$BS = array(
$member = array(
$Header = new SoapHeader("urn:dkWSValueObjects","BasicSecurity", $BS, false);            


     $comp = $client->GetCompany();     
	 $member = $client->getMember("SOMEID",null); 	 	 
	 //echo $client->__getLastRequest();   
	 echo $member->Name;
	 echo $member->SSNumber; 	 				 			 
	catch (SoapFault $exception) {
	echo $exception;      

echo "After";

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