The TToken class is used for authentication in a SOAP Header
you can request the creation of a token using CreateToken and the request a new one using RefreshToken 


  1. APPID - string 1..8
    This property is used to identify the application communicating with the system
  2. CompanyId - string
    this is the company identification number of the company that the token is assigned to
  3. CompanyName - string
    Name of the company the token is assigned to 
  4. Employee
    ID of the employee the token is assigned to
  5. Name - string
    the name of the employee the token is assigned to
  6. Token - sting
    Guid that represents the token/apikey 
  7. UserName - string
    The uniqe id of the user the Token is assigned to
  8. ValidUntil - DateTime
    This is the Date and Time when the token will no longer be able to query the service 


Token is the recommended authentication method to be used